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Diana Ross@日本武道館 2015年1月6日(火) セットリスト

Diana Rossダイアナ・ロス)の『In The Name of Love Tour』来日公演@日本武道館セットリストです。

2015.01.06 Diana Ross@日本武道館 Setlist

1.I'm Coming Out
2.More Today Than Yesterday
3.My World is Empty Without Me
4.Baby Love
5.Stop! In the Name of Love
6.You Can't Hurry Up
7.Love Child
8.The Boss
9.Touch Me in the Morning
10.Upside Down
11.Love Hangover
12.Take Me Higher
13.Ease on Down the Road
14.The Look of Love
15.Don't Explane
16.Why Do Fools Fall in Love
17.Where Did Our Love Go
18.Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
19.I Will Survive
20.If We Hold on Together
21.I Will Survive

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