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Manowar@Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2014年10月29日(水) セットリスト

Manowarマノウォー)の『 Kings of Metal MMXIV World Tour』来日公演@Zepp DiverCity Tokyo初日のセットリストです。

2014.10.29 Manowar@Zepp DiverCity Tokyo Setlist

2.Blood of My Enemies
3.Call to Arms
4.Brothers of Metal Pt. 1
5.Sign of the Hammer
6.The Lord of Steel
7.The Dawn of Battle
8.The Warrior's Prayer
9.Blood of the Kings
10.Kingdom Come
11.Heart of Steel
12.Bass Solo
13.Wheels of Fire
14.Hail and Kill
15.Kings of Metal
16.Warriors of the World United (Preceded by Joey's speech)
17.Black Wind, Fire and Steel
18.The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)
Kings of Metal - マノウォー

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