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Jeff Beck@NHKホール 2014年4月4日(金) セットリスト

Jeff Beckジェフ・ベック)の『Japan Tour 2014』初日。NHKホール公演のセットリストです。

2014.04.04 Jeff Beck@NHKホール Setlist

01.Loaded (New Song)
02.Nine (New Song)
03.Little Wing
04.You Know You Know (New Song)
06.Angel (Footsteps)
08.Yemin (New Song)
09.Where Were You
10.The Pump
11.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
12.Brush with the Blues
13.You Never Know
14.Danny Boy
15.Blue Wind
16.Led Boots
17.Corpus Christi Carol
18.Big Block
19.A Day in the Life
20.Rollin' and Tumblin'
21.Cause We've Ended as Lovers

BECK'S BOLERO / Jeff Beck (Truth 収録)
Psycho Sam / Jeff Beck (Who Else! 収録)
Jeff Beck@NHKホール

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